2014/15 National Tariff Payment System

The 2014/15 National Tariff Payment System sets out the national tariff for the coming year. This set of prices and rules will help local clinical commissioning groups work with providers like NHS trusts and foundation trusts to identify which health care services provide best value to their patients.

We have published this document, jointly with NHS England, following a formal consultation during autumn 2013 - find out how we arrived at this point.

Please note: Following the release of the 2014/15 local payment grouper, the following documents have been updated to include new OPCS version 4.7 codes:

  • Annex 5A – National prices
  • Annex 6B – Specialised services and eligible providers list
  • The national tariff information worksheet (including non-mandatory prices)

The changes made to the versions published on 17 December 2013 are clearly identifiable and do not introduce any new or amended prices or currencies to the 2014/15 National Tariff Payment System.

Monitor and NHS England are developing plans for 2015/16, which will include further engagement with the sector over coming months. Please keep an eye on this page for further details.

This handy guide will explain all of the different elements of the 2014/15 National Tariff and its supporting documents

You can download the final 2014/15 National Tariff Payment System Document and all of the supporting documents using the drop-down arrows next to the section headings below.

Towards an NHS payment system that does more for patients